New CDC guidelines for schools reopening.

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Just recently, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) issued interim guidelines for what reopening schools could look like our youth.

The latest recommendations suggest students attend school in style never seen before. The environment for which the youth would be attending school is unprecedented. In our lifetimes, we never thought we’d see the day where your child would be required to wear a mask in class, staying in one classroom and one teacher throughout their day. Imagine a “normal school day” where the lunchroom is off-limits, and gyms aren’t accessible. How will the students stay active and healthy without the required physical education classes? Endless questions surround the newly issued recommendations.

On Facebook, many parents do not agree with the new guidelines. One could make a severe argument these recommendations hamper kids from enjoying the experience of school. On the other hand, the same argument can be made these vary precautions can save lives and avoid numbers rising, ultimately resulting in school closures again.

Adding to the requirements for reopening set forth by the CDC, students would not share school supplies and belongings. The guidelines also require all desks have 6 feet distancing, and one-way hallways to be the new standard from district to district.

Field trips and assemblies would be no more. Which has some parents wondering, “ what’s the point in sending my kids to school at that point?”

The reopening of our cities has begun, but it is unclear at this time when the schools will reopen, given these present guidelines.