Natrona County to suspend burn permits

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NATRONA COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Natrona County Fire Protection District announced Wednesday it will suspend all burn permits starting June 29.


Fire Marshall Matt Gacke said the suspension comes as conditions are very dry. He also cited the lack of rain in the forecast.

This means burning could easily get out of control, leading to potentially large wildfires.

The order will suspend open burning of slash piles, fence lines, ditches and broadcast burning of open fields.

“If you can tie up stuff this weekend, as long as it’s manageable, get them finished up now,” Gacke said.

He also said despite the ground looking green, it’s currently very susceptible to creating a large blaze.

“It looks like it’s green,” Gacke said. “But there’s burned dry grass underneath it and it’s going to catch on fire really easily.”

The order still allows campfires and other recreation fires if they’re lit in an approved container with a spark arrestor.