NCSO teaches parents and kids how to be safe online

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 8:08 PM CST
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Do parents ever check kid’s phones? Deputy Michael Scott from Natrona County Sheriff’s Department said it could help them be safe.

Scott does presentations locally and has traveled to Colorado to share this information there. He added that sometimes parents ask him what is the correct age to give your child a phone.

"That mature level that you believe they need a phone that's when you can get a phone," Scott said.

With the popularity of social media, he added that kids can find dangerous stuff.

He suggests parents implement the seven to seven rule. Take their phone at seven p.m, check for anything harmful, charge it up and give it back to them at seven a.m.

"That'll prevent the kid from being on the device all night long so they'll be able to get a good night's sleep," Scott said.

Safe online surfing, a website created by the FBI and are helpful websites for parents to learn about.

"It's really nice because they make it to where the kids understand the risks of the internet...the risks of having a phone and some of the things they can get into,” Scott said.

These devices could impact kids’ experiences at school.

"It can absolutely help the classroom environment if appropriately used but in certain situations if the students are utilizing technology in a manner that is distracting to the school environment that obviously that would hinder the educational environment," said Tanya Southerland, NCSD public information officer.

According to an NCSD board policy, “The use of cell phones, or other technology is permitted in class when authorized by staff or during lunch or passing periods.”

“Other use of phones is at the discretion of the principal, unauthorized use by students could result in confiscation.”

She added some schools have phone lockers for students.

"Some of our classrooms have some of those technology practices in place and other classrooms perhaps the utilization of technology is appropriate for research," Southerland said.

Another way to understand all of this technology is communication.

"We really encourage parents to sit down have those open conversations with your students and kind of check and see what they are doing online," Southerland said.