More than 7k Blue Cross Blue Shield members impacted by banking error

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Somewhere between 7,000 and 7,500 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming members have been over-charged due to an error by American National Bank.

According to Wendy Curran, Vice President for Care Delivery and Provider Affairs with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, the organization banks with American National Bank in Cheyenne, and a bank processing system ran some premiums up to four times, meaning monthly premiums were charged four times to certain members.

“This couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” Curran said. “With the holidays around the corner, we are certainly aware of just how serious this is.”

Curran said ANB has already taken steps to remedy the situation, and members impacted by the error should start receiving notification the issue was corrected Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Curran said ANB also committed to taking care of over-draft fees and/or other fees that could be charged to Blue Cross Blue Shield members as a result of the error.

A release from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming is below:

CHEYENNE, WYO – Some Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming members may have been impacted by a bank processing error that resulted in duplicate withdrawals from members’ banking accounts for automatic premium payments. ANB Bank in Cheyenne erroneously reprocessed multiple times a single batch file of members' monthly premium payments to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Fewer than 10 percent of BCBSWY members have been affected by this error.

ANB Bank has taken full responsibility and has acted quickly to reverse and credit members’ accounts for the incorrect duplicate charges. The bank anticipates that the impacted accounts will show the corrections as soon as later today, subject to the procedures of individual banks.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming recognizes the financial impact this has on our members and is working diligently with ANB Bank to ensure that all impacted members will be refunded any overdraft charges or fees as a result of this error.

Members are advised that if their account does not reflect this correction by the morning of December 5, please contact BCBSWY or call ANB Bank at 307-634-2121.