Million dollar drainage system

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Snow. Lots and lots of snow, and as it melts gallons and gallons of water are draining into Cheyenne's new filtration system.

The pilot project places filtration bags in 11 gutters around the depot. The system is designed to capture all the trash and debris that flows into the city's sewer system.

"All that stuff that goes into those gutters goes into crow creek, the district is doing over a million dollar project restoring crow creek on the west edge of town, this is one little tiny step to help improve water quality," Laramie County Conservation District's Water Specialist Jeff Geyer said.

So, how is the new drainage system keeping up with all the new water from the recent snow totals?

Geyer says so far, so good. Water is flowing well through the drains, and trash is staying out of the strams.

Geyer says if this keeps up, more drains around Cheyenne may get filtration bags, thus improving area waterways even more.

These filtration bags cost $75 each, that's a small price to pay for clean water. Laramie County Conservation District will working on expanding the project throughout the remainder of Downtown Cheyenne and further out.