Meet Pet of the Week: Shelby

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Cheyenne Animal Shelter brought Shelby by the morning show. Shelby is 6-years-old and looks to be a chihuahua mix.

When Shelby first came to the shelter veterinarian's found a mass in her. Once they took it out found out Shelby is cancer free!

She loves kids, gets along with both cats and dogs and loves cuddling.

The animal shelter is having a few fundraisers Saturday, November 10. Photos with Santa from 11am-1pm and a management class from LCCC has volunteered to host a chili cook-off during that time.

Also happening Saturday Bouquets Unlimited is having an open house and will be donating $1 from every animal-themed ornament sold to the shelter. Bouquets Unlimited is located at 5709 Yellowstone Rd.

For more information on Shelby and to see how laid back she is check out the interview from the morning show.