Mayor Orr delivers third State of the City address

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 10:15 PM CST
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Mayor Marian Orr held a State of the City address on Jan. 28 and talked about her relations with the Cheyenne City Council, thousands of dollars that were returned to Bloomberg Philanthropies, and her comments regarding Superday.

Mayor Orr did say that she’s made mistakes during the last year but she is looking forward to the rest of 2020. When asked if she has liked her job as mayor, she said she absolutely loves what she’s doing and believes that it’s important to leave your community better than you found it.

Mayor Orr addressed her relations with the council and says that it was a tough year and that she hopes moving forward, more communication will occur.

“It comes down to 90 percent communication and so no, it wasn’t always really good, but we’re moving forward and I’ve had great meetings with council and with leadership and we’ve already set meetings and dates up for regular meetings,” said Mayor Marian Orr.

After nearly $56,000 was returned from the Mayor’s Challenge Grant to Bloomberg Philanthropies, Mayor Orr said there was miscommunication all around. At the State of the City address, Mayor Orr referred to the issue as “Wafflegate” after this station, Wyoming News Now, asked Orr who was paying for a waffle truck at a city hall meeting in the fall of 2019 and she responded saying the money came from the Mayor’s Challenge Grant.

“I said ‘Oh the philanthropy,’ well the philanthropy found out that they were paying for waffles and they weren’t very happy about it,” said Mayor Orr. “They called us up and said ‘What, what’s going on,’ but we had a really good discussion and we squared everything up.”

Orr was also asked about her Facebook comment regarding the 2019 Superday with her use of the phrase “To kick rocks.” She says she is defensive of all people who work for the City of Cheyenne because she sees how much or how little they get paid and how hard they work.

“On social media I just saw people just taking after them and I made the mistake of responding back saying, ‘Our employees rock and if you don’t like it you can kick rocks,’ I should not have said that either,” said Mayor Orr.

Mayor Orr did say there will be another Superday in the summer of 2020 and to not kick rocks.

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