Mayor Orr speaks about possible changes coming to Cheyenne for the New Year

Mayor Orr speaks on some of the changes she hopes to bring to the city of Cheyenne in 2020.
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Mayor Orr along with the chamber hosted a luncheon to talk political change for Cheyenne, in 2020. Some of the desired changes Orr has is to improve road conditions, city hall renovations, more housing downtown, and to expand the fire department with another fire station and more firefighters.

For road work, Orr said that the city spends $4 million, and that three times that amount needs to be spent in order to improve the roads. However, something else would have to give if the budget was reached to fix the roads.

"We might need to go to the taxpayers and ask eventually for a tax increase, but we can't do that, until we have a really solid plan,” Orr said. “We make it really clear that there’s no other funding resource. "

She mentioned the desired budget for what is called the Capital Improvement Plan is $160 million for the next three years. According to Orr, the city doesn’t have that amount of money as of now, as Cheyenne isn’t expected to receive the funds until August, September, or October of 2021.

For the next legislation period, the city of Cheyenne is expected to receive $100,000 less than previous sessions. Orr mentioned the extra money would go towards smaller communities in the state of Wyoming.

Positives that were mentioned during the luncheon was that roughly 192,000 square feet of redevelopment has occurred through downtown and the west edge of Cheyenne.

“The good news is that sales and used tax continues to grow and so we’re hoping that new developments and more spending going on in the community that we’ll be able to make it back on track.”

Mayor Orr mentioned she’ll make the decision whether to run for mayor next term in a few months.