Martin Luther King Jr. 2020 march in Cheyenne

Published: Jan. 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM CST
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Cheyenne residents and former residents who now live all over the country came back to their hometown on Jan. 20 to stand together and remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The annual march started at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza and continued onto Capitol Ave. where people sang, prayed, and spoke outside of the Capitol building. Pastor Warnell Brooks was one of the keynote speakers and says although he now lives in California, he is a lifelong fan of his alma mater, the University of Wyoming Cowboys and of his hometown of Cheyenne.

“You see, marching gives us an opportunity to come together and to demonstrate that we can be unified for a common belief,” said Pastor Warnell Brooks. “It brings attention to the issues that are so often ignored. Marching is important for change. There have indeed been lots of changes that have taken place for the good and we acknowledge that but we have not arrived.”

Pastor Brooks explained that there is still a need for representation of all people in every profession and career so that children can look up and see themselves and say, “One day, that can be me.”

“Being a woman is not a crime, being a person is not a crime, being a person who is poor is not a crime, and being a person of color is also not a crime,” said Pastor Brooks. “We march for unity. I contend that the things that often divide us, are the things that should actually unite us.”

One of the organizers of the march said seeing Pastor Brooks come back from California was touching.

“I’m going to be old here soon and I feel comfortable knowing that they’re going to take care of us and do the right thing and make this country and this world a better place,” said Rita Watson, an organizer of the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. March in Cheyenne.

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