Man Looking to find owner of Class Ring

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Jonathan Beaston was pacing back and forth, pier watching in 2002 when he picked up something off of the pavement while at Sasebo Naval Base in Japan. Little did he know that this would start a search for the owner that would last more than a decade.

He noticed it was a class ring which started a fifteen year search for the owner. He saw that the ring had “Cheyenne East High” on it with the year “1978” on the side. Not knowing where Cheyenne was, Beaston googled it. The initials on the inside of the ring are either DPS or DRS.

Beaston said, “This girl she might have been a merchant marine, or else she could have been a visiting us navy ship.” He lost his class ring in 1976 while serving in the military and said, “I know that this person that lost their ring is probably wishing they had their ring back.”

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