Make sure you and your family are protected from measles this year

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) For those of us who have the vaccine, we are better protected against the virus, but we must make sure our shots are up to date.

The vaccine that protects us from measles is the MMR, so check with your doctor to make sure you have all you need to stay protected.

If someone is suspected of having measles, they are highly contagious and you should avoid touching them without gloves.

When traveling this summer, always remember to wash your hands and be cautious of what you touch in places like the airport or amusement parks.

"We have what's called heard immunity meaning that if the heard is immune to something that even if your vaccine wears off then um more than likely you won't get the virus because that heard has immunity to that so and now since we're lacking heard immunity uh definitely talk to your provider about either a booster or revisiting uh an MMR make sure you are current." Explained Dr. Andy Dunn of Mesa Primary Care.

Thankfully there have been no measles cases reported in Wyoming at this time.