Local flight school helps people soar

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Rising Wings Aviation Operations Manager Brian Parke, didn't quite know what he wanted to do in the aviation world. Parke soon found that teaching was his calling. He said watching people grow as pilots, is a special feeling.

"It feels like watching your kids grow up, it's just an amazing experience to be able to teach people this craft. You see people come in at 50, 60 years of age that are just like kids in a candy store when they get to fly. When there's an accomplishment, when they get their license and their certificate and move on to the next level, it's just an amazing feeling to be able to see people grow on in this industry," said Parke.

Getting started at Rising Wings begins with a discovery flight, which gives you a new perspective on piloting an aircraft.

Parke enjoys every aspect of being a flight instructor, but his favorite part of the job? The texts and calls from students telling him they are doing what they truly love.

For more information on getting involved with Rising Wings Aviation, you can visit http://www.rising-wings.com/# or call (307) 472-4359.