Living in isolation

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) You hear positive cases surfacing, you hear presumptive cases happening.

What are people doing when they come in contact with someone who may or may not have the deadly disease?

"Before she was even diagnosed presumptive covid-19, people weren't really adhering to that, even though that was the advice and had been the advice for the last couple of weeks," Cheyenne Local resident Brenda Baker.

This lady of Cheyenne had a family member test presumptively positive for the disease. Who had she had been in contact with.

She had to take her own plan of action.

"I don't want to overwhelm the medical services, taking away from people who actually do need the help," Cheyenne Local resident Brenda Baker.

Brenda Baker also says having to self quarantine will not stop her from living life.

"I still have social media, I still have my DVD's, still have my streaming services, I contact whoever I want through my phone, using this app we're using now or face book messenger," Cheyenne Local resident Brenda Baker.

Wyoming News Now spoke Laramie County Department Of Health Executive Director Kathy Emmons.

She says many people are unaware of if they presumptive positive and are encouraged to follow the health officials recommendations.

According to Health Officials as of now Laramie county has only seen a handful confirmed cases and at CRMC all test performed have come back negative.