Little shop of burgers making sack lunches; giving out discounts to civil servants

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The dining room at Little Shop of Burgers held a handful of customers on a cloudy, snowy Thursday. Sarah Weikum, the owner, said they are being extra cautious in their kitchen with concerns about spreading COVID-19.

“The guys in the kitchen handling our food are wearing masks and gloves. Also, sanitizing constantly and doing extra cleaning,” Weikum said.

She added that she felt inspired to start giving out sack lunches from what the school district is doing and thinks her restaurant is a great location for people to pick them up.

“I noticed there wasn’t a location in north Casper, Bar Nunn or out by Poison Spider. We are in the center of north Casper so I wanted to offer to do this. The community has stepped up and it’s been amazing,” Weikum said.

She added these meals aren’t only for kids.
“There are some people who are homebound. If they need a meal they can be picked up,” Weikum said.
She wanted to give back to people who are working in the community by offering discounted food from her restaurant.

“We have half off for police officers, firefighters, paramedics and teachers. We are also giving truck drivers twenty-five percent off,” Weikum said.

She added she can’t give discounts to everyone, but wants to do what she can to give back.