Legislature Responds to State of the State Address

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- The 2019 Legislative Session is just getting started and leaders of the House and Senate are feeling excited about what Governor Gordon had to say in his State of the State Address even if they also have a few questions.

House Speaker, Steve Harshman, said, “There is a spirit of optimism. I think you heard it in the governor’s speech today, and he said it in his inaugural address that wyoming’s best days are ahead of us.”

The Wyoming Legislature does have a lot to tackle in the upcoming session. Following the Address the Senate President Drew Perkins is in agreement that it will be important to consider consolidating or cutting government spending. He said, “So that we can provide a better and more efficient services to our taxpayers while at the same time, I believe, also saving costs. The people of wyoming deserve a government that works as smart and as hard as they do.”

In addition to potentially cutting government spending there is the topic of modernizing the revenue stream. House Minority Floor Speaker, Cathy Connolly said, “I agree with virtually everything that is out there, for us to talk about to put on the table. But I also think it’s time and will be reintroducing a portion of a bill that includes looking at what a two tier income tax would look like for the state of wyoming. Let’s not shy from putting it on the table.”

Though Governor Gordon didn’t voice a desire to talk about a state income tax, he did talk about trying to reduce the cost of healthcare for Wyomingites. Senate Minority Floor Leader, Chris Rothfuss said, “I appreciate that fact that we have the common vision on having better healthcare provided in the state of wyoming. But I’ll ask what are the details? How are we actually going to do that? And how is this year, this legislative session going to be different?”