Learning about the rodeo from CFD CEO Tom Hirsig-Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing and Steer Roping

Published: Jul. 17, 2019 at 11:15 PM CDT
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Cheyenne Frontier Days is almost here and we have been focusing on what each rodeo event is, Hirsig explains some of the timed events such as Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing and Steer Roping.

Tom Hirsig explains"so the steer wrestling-same thing the steer wrestlers behind the 30 foot score he runs a steer he jumps off his horse on to the steer and has to throw him to the ground so he has to have all 4 legs going in the same direction again the fastest guy wins that event too and the barrel racing weve all seen it, its very simple clover leaf pattern that the girls run fastest one to get around those barrels without knocking one over, 5 second penalty basically is like a no time at this level you knock a barrel over you get 5 seconds your chances of winning anything have gone out the simply thats kind of our events the steer roping which you'll see in our Sunday finals is they rope the steer they trip the steer to the ground and then they tie up 3 legs just like they do in the tie down roping these are big animals most everything we use here is fresh they've never been roped before they've never even been chased in an arena before which is very unique to our rodeo most the time they've been run before so they are very tricky at this arena so it becomes very prestigious to win something in Cheyenne cause its hard its really hard."

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