Learning about the Rodeo from CFD CEO and Rodeo Chairman- Rough Stock Events

Cheyenne, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Cheyenne Frontier Days is getting started this Friday and for some this may be your first time going to a rodeo. The rodeo has three different types of competition. The CFD CEO Tom Hirsig and Rodeo Chairman Chad Mathews break down what each event is. Starting with, the Rough Stock events which are Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding.

Rodeo graphic by MGN. Cutout Photo: Cszmurlo / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Chad Mathews explains "The horseback events of bareback and saddle bronc riding start out the riders ride with one hand whether it be with the saddle or the bareback riders have something that looks real similar to a suitcase handle they get to hold on too so, they start the ride they have to have their feet over the point of the shoulders which is where the shoulders and the neck join for the horse over the point of the shoulders the first jump out of the shoot the rider is scored from 1 to 25 points by the 2 judges so for a total of 50 the horse is scored the same way 1 to 25 by 2 judges his total could be 50 so a perfect ride would be 100, typically a really good ride in the bareback riding is gonna be near 80 points, 75 to 80 is ok and below that it gets a little worse but as the ride progresses from the first jump their gonna spur theres 2 separate spurring motions depending on whether its saddle bronc or bareback they ride with one hand they cant touch with the free hand they ride for 8 seconds and then the score is calculated from there-the bull riding is very similar other than they dont have to mark the bull out they get to start with their feet holding on and they ride with a rope that is pulled tight and thats what they hold onto for 8 seconds other than that its the same scoring, scorings the same."