Law enforcement reminding drivers to be attentive on US-30

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The Wyoming Department of Transportation is constructing new right turn lanes to increase visibility for drivers turning onto US-30 from Whitney Road.

Matt Murphy with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, said, “We absolutely recognize that people have concerns that live out here and we take those very seriously.”

But these solutions, he said, are short-term fixes. Matt Murphy with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, said, “Several things coming up the next few years which should help this area out as this area continues to grow.”

On just over 2 miles of road on US-30 between Pershing and Dell Range, Wyoming Highway Patrol records 23 crashes in 2018.

Lt. Timothy Romig with Wyoming Highway Patrol said, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we keep these roadways safe so that we can get to and from.”

Sgt John Gay, with the Cheyenne Police Department, said, “The majority of the things we see out here are drivers making decisions, poor decisions.”

Sgt. Gay with the Cheyenne Police Department said officers have been focusing on traffic enforcement along US-30 since the beginning of the month. He said, “The feedback has been mixed. A majority of it though is positive. Some of the residents stop and explain that they’re thankful that we’re out here helping to slow people down while the construction is going on and just to slow people down in general along the road.”

Lt. Timothy Romig said, “When our engineers looked at this stretch of roadway, we found that through a little bit of an anomaly that most vehicles are going the speed limit.”

And while law enforcement said they can't force drivers to make safe decisions, they can issue citations.

Sgt Gay said, "In a perfect world we’d prefer to write no tickets. With everyone being safe. Not violating any of those traffic laws, and that, ultimately, would ensure that everyone gets to go home at the end of their workday."