Laramie County provides updated recovery plan document for Phase 1

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - With approval from Wyoming State Health Officer, Dr. Alexia Harrist, Laramie County has published their updated recovery plan as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. The updated document supersedes the previous one from May 4th, 2020.

A link to that document can be found above and can also be found at and

The current version of the Laramie County Recovery Plan is for Phase 1. Phase 1, if certain disease-related criteria are met, began May 15th when previous statewide orders expired. Phase 1 will entail further relaxation of restrictions on certain businesses and organizations and will comply with guidelines from the county and state public health authorities.

The strategy for economic recovery in Laramie County is to strike the right balance between easing economic restrictions as quickly as possible while mitigating the risk of a resurgent of the COVID-19 disease.

The Laramie County Plan, following national and state recommendations, envisions a three-phase loosening of economic restrictions to allow businesses and organizations to return to normal operations over time. There was an initial loosening of restrictions for certain businesses on May 1, but this did not constitute Phase 1 of the Laramie County plan. Phase 1 like subsequent phases, began only after a period of surveillance to assure that COVID-19 was not increasing as a result of loosening the restrictions on May 1.

Entry into phases that are outside current State orders also must be approved as “variances” by both the County Health Department and the State Health Department. Subsequent phases will begin only after a similar 14-day period of community surveillance, and evaluation of hospital resources demonstrate that it is safe to proceed with the plan.
The Laramie County recovery plan document includes an overview of each phase; general guidance for businesses, organizations, and employers; metrics to be utilized; and pertinent definitions.

The Laramie County recovery plan is subject to updates based on the evolving nature of COVID-19 along with progressions and/or regressions across