Laramie County Community College Students and Trade Jobs

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CHEYENNE, Wyo-- Laramie County Community College students received a tour from those at Encore Electric. Students who are studying some sort of industrial trade were a part of the tour.

One student, Ethan, said, “Anywhere from wind energy to solar energy to hvac to doing something that these guys are doing here today. It really led me to want to get into this field.”

Laramie County Community College is trying to develop an associates degree program for electrical work. The Lead Electrical Instructor at LCCC, Susie Lemaster, said, “It’s hard to get into an electrical apprenticeship and if they go through this AAS they’ll have a leg up in the application process.”

Finally, as more people pay attention to those working in electrical and other construction fields, a Lead Journeyman for Encore Electric, Michael Caperton said, “It’s kind of nice to have everybody out here seeing that it’s not a dying breed anymore. I mean it’s everyday.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that electrician employment will grow at a rate of 9-percent between 2016 and 2026. If you would like more, you can go to: