Land swap and purchase could lead to accessibility to Big Hole from Wyoming

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) In 2003, Belvoir Ranch was purchased for $5.9 million and in 2005 Big Hole was purchased for $525,000. Both are city-owned and together are around 20,000 acres located 16 miles southwest of Cheyenne. Due to a land swap and purchase, Big Hole could become accessible on the Wyoming side of the Colorado and Wyoming border.

“I want to get this open before I quit being a councilman,” said Scott Roybal, City Council Ward I. “Three and a half years... I hope we get her,” Councilman Roybal said.

The area will be non-motorized so visitors could ride bikes, ride horses, and get outdoors to hike. There has been talk of being able to start in downtown Cheyenne, ride the trails into Fort Collins, then ride back up to the capital city. In the master plan, there’s an area set aside for bike racing and according to Councilman Roybal, that would bring in more tourist dollars.

“I ran a resolution probably about two months ago that I wanted 100 percent of [the money made from the area] to go to recreation,” said Roybal. “Of course it stopped in a screeching halt, ‘Wait we want some,’ so we’re going to figure out who wants and who needs and then figure out what the divvy is,” said Roybal.

Council members are encouraging residents to contact the city councilmen in their ward with any questions or comments they may have about Belvoir Ranch or Big Hole.