LCSD1 spring coaches stipend is being denied

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 7:11 PM CDT
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Laramie County School District number one is paying the spring coaches one sixth of their normal pay. The coaches found out about this through an email and have been told not to talk to the media about it. There was also a survey given out from WHSAA for coaches and athletic directors to fill out, to talk about what should happen with spring sports this season. The senior leadership from LCSD1 signed all of the surveys and the coaches never got a say.

A retired coach and teacher, Jim Gardner is being a voice for the coaches during this time because he believes they deserve an explanation. "Why are you cutting the coaches, you are saving money on bus trips, saving money on state tournaments, saving money on equipment. I don't think the situation was handled well with communication to the coaches, I don't think the athletic directors know whats going on until the last minute" said retired Coach of 38 years, Jim Gardner.

Coach Gardner said every district is different and some coaches from other districts are still getting their normal pay for the season.

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