LCCC hosts Heart Mountain and Pomona internment camps survivor

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 10:25 PM CDT
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Laramie County Community College hosted a man who survived in the Heart Mountain and Pomona internment camps during World War II. Although 70 years have passed since his incarceration, Sam Mihara is one of the few survivors willing to speak about his experience and says he enjoys speaking to countless people throughout the country.

“They should use that knowledge and pass it onto others and help make better decisions for the future, that’s the reason why I do this,” said Sam Mihara, World War II Japanese-American prisoner. “I enjoy the fact that these young people are learning and hopefully we’ll have an even better government than we’ve had in the past.”

Mihara says it took him nearly 50 years to return to Heart Mountain. His presentation is titled “Memories of Heart Mountain” and provides a first-hand account of his experience. Mihara says he travels through Wyoming around three times each year.