Knight Fight Competitor

Ethan Wilhelm gears up for battle on the daily with over eighty pounds of plated armor and real steel weapons to prepare himself for his hardcore hobby.
Wilhelm started in the Armored Combat League a few years ago, and quickly made his way through the ranks, qualifying for the U.S National team. The team selects approximately 50 fighters in the nation to compete in the World Championship. Wilhelm says the sport is very authentic to medieval battle but also has a great sense of comradery between players.
“Anytime someone gets injured or something, the person who injured that person is the first one by their side making sure that they're ok” said Wilhelm.Wilhelm is living out his childhood dream by competing in the sport and wants to encourage more people around Cheyenne to give it a try so he started the Cheyenne Renegades, which is the Cheyenne chapter of the Armored Combat League. Wilhelm is even taking his sport nationwide as he will be appearing in a new television show called Knight Fight this Wednesday at 8 pm mst on The History Channel.