Kids Cowboys/Cowgirls camp kicks off with animal herding

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Members of the camp got to witness ranching in the art of dog and sheep herding.

"Kids today are kind of getting out of touch with agriculture. Need to remind them, how this all works," instructor Dottie Packard said.

"You can just see how well trained the dogs and how much work actually goes into it. Thought it was pretty cool," camp counselor Fox Nelson said.

Not only did they witness the animals run around, but the children were educated on the roles the animals play, and their importance in ranching.

"The dogs are so useful. They save you a lot of steps, a lot of labor, they interact with the cattle and sheep way better than people ever could," Packard said.

It was also stressed to the students that it's not all fun and games when taking care of the animals.

"It's how much work goes into raising animals that you could eat every day, it's how much that you have to train ad be ready to deal with these animals," Nelson said.

Kids got to interact with the animals as they stood on the field, while the dogs were herding the sheep. After the dogs were done herding, children stuck around to pet the animals.

Camp runs through Friday, August 16. Costs for students is $130/per camp for museum members, $160/per camp for non-museum members. For afternoon session only (1:00pm-5:00pm), tickets are $60 for museum members, $80 for non-museum members. For more information, contact Morgan Marks at