Is slowing job growth a sign of a slowing state economy?

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 4:05 PM CST
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According to Jim Robinson, with the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division, data shows that job growth has slowed. In the latest Wyoming Insights report, job growth was down in November. That was the first month Wyoming has seen a decline between 2018-2019.

Robinson said that most of the job growth has been from construction jobs, but it appears that the state has reached its peak. Now it's a matter of whether Wyoming can maintain the job growth it did see. He said there is some good evidence that the economy is starting to slow down. Robinson said other states in the region are also seeing signs of a slowing economy.

"If you have like 10 percent growth one year, and then you have 10 percent growth the next year it just gets harder and harder to keep adding 10 percent over and over like that unless you have some tremendous driving force that's going on in your economy and we don't," Robinson said.