An inside look at the Cheyenne Street & Alley Division

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The Street & Alley Division in Cheyenne is currently understaffed with 20 jobs filled of the available 26. With four people working the night shift, that leaves 16 people when no one is on vacation or using sick leave.

“We mow all of the right of ways in Cheyenne and retention ponds, we plow and sand all of the roads, we patch all of the potholes, we blade all of the alleys and streets,” said Randy Hickman, Manager of the Street & Alley Division.

The division is also in charge of the fire lanes at Belvoir Ranch, they patch water main breaks, sweep the city streets, and patch curb lines for the public.

“Potholes never quit,” said Hickman. “They always come around in some way, shape, or form. Whether the road is just at its end or we’ve had a wet spring like we did this year.”

On any given day Street & Alley receives anywhere between one and 10 pothole fill requests. Residents of the capital city often express concern for their cars due to the potholes.

“We had one car come through and had hit the pothole so badly it blew the airbag and it totaled the car so I mean it can be from $100 to way up if you hit a pothole, a big one,” said Mike Hartman, Store Manager of Fat Boys Tire & Auto.

When asked about Mayor Marian Orr’s request for $250,000 for a third party to help fill potholes, Hickman said it would be helpful because while the department is getting closer to being caught up, being understaffed and the race against the winter season causes issues.

“That would help us a lot,” said Hickman. “I don’t think it’s something that would happen every year. This is an odd year.”

The division wears many different hats in both a work sense and a literal sense because after one person retires, their hat is hung up inside the Street & Alley building. After 39 years, Randy Hickman embarks on his 40th year with Street & Alley and says he still has a few more years with his team.

“The guys I work with are great,” said Hickman. “Everybody gives their all, does their best, we all try to put our best foot forward.”