Impact of CenturyLink outages in Cheyenne

(Image Source: MGN)
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- CenturyLink cable and internet outages have been causing problems nationwide. Here in Cheyenne, some local businesses have felt these negative impacts.

“We are totally reliant on technology, so we spoke to alot of our partners yesterday,” said Dale Steenbergen, President and CEO of the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce.

Accomplice Beer Company had to bring in some extra help to expedite those orders into the kitchen. While fast service makes a restaurant more enjoyable, what about situations where reliable communication is pivotal?

Cheyenne Regional Medical Centers care for patients did not suffer from the outages thanks to their internal server.

“That was seamless again, because our medical system functioned smoothly,” said Kathy Baker, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Public Information Officer.

The Chamber of Commerce is looking ahead to make sure businesses are prepared for the future.

CenturyLink expects the service to be restored within hours.