If vehicle crash damage is under one thousand dollars; police report not necessary

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The Casper Police department responded to an average of 5 crashes a day in the last ten days. Sometimes there are injuries and sometimes it’s just a popped tire.

Sgt. Jeff Bullard said if the damage is under one thousand dollars people don’t need to call officers to respond.

“If the damage is bigger than the size of your hand on a modern vehicle that means that the damage is over one thousand dollars,” Bullard said.
If someone is injured they need to be there. “We need to be responding and cataloging the best we can on the scene,” Bullard said.
Also, if the vehicle can’t move off of the road.

He added if people decide not to file a police report after a crash and the damage ends up being over one thousand dollars, they are still there to help.

“For some reason, you do part ways and you get an estimate for your insurance company and the value comes back over one thousand dollars then we do need to make a report for that,” Bullard said.
He added that people hesitate to call sometimes because of bad experiences in the past.

“We evaluate every crash on its face and we try to get all sides of the story before we make an informed decision and for some reason, you’ve had a negative experience in the past let us try again,” Bullard said.

If the crash is in Casper City boundaries, the police department will respond.