Ice and Snow, take it slow

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 5:27 PM CST
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We've seen Sunday's high's in the sixties and sunny skies turn into temps in the low teens and frosty snow drifts on Monday.

Those conditions are making for black icy roads and dangerous road conditions. So how much salt do you think it takes, when the WYDOT plows hit the streets?

"Well each truck goes through 50 to 80 tons per truck, and we have 7 trucks per crew," WDYOT Maintenance Supervisor Chad Varland said.

WYDOT says it has 400 trucks and 18 rotary trucks on deck for snow days like today.

To get the interstate roads clear for morning commutes, the plowing crews day's starts when everyone else is resting.

Crew Supervisor Chad Varland also said there's two important components that help break down the black ice, helping make the driving conditions more manageable.

"When it's really icy with black ice, like today, we'll use ice slicer and lots of mag in our sand, to really make it stick," WDYOT Maintenance Supervisor Chad Varland said.

In these moments making it safe for everyone to travel means the world to the plow crew.

"The motivation is to just get back to your family, be it safe. Making sure that everyone around makes it safe as well," WDYOT Maintenance Supervisor Chad Varland said.

The frigid temperatures and snow accumulation throughout the evening, will make for very slick road conditions.

With the streets seeing their fair share of salts as well as the interstates, drivers are encouraged to stay home, stay warm and enjoy the storm.