How Intelligent Driving Technology could help residents stay safe

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Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - People drive every single day, but they never know when they'll encounter an accident.

Bill Panos, Director of WYDOT, says, "The fatalities, the crashes, and the injuries that happen in our state…that’s something we’re not supposed to get used to."

Panos goes on to explain, “I-80 is one of the largest, most utilized freight corridors in the United States.”

With highly-traveled roads and extreme weather, Wyoming Department of Transportation is making safety a priority, with Intelligent Driving Technology.

Panos says, “Connected Vehicle is the ability of cars to speak with one another, or to speak to Road Side Technology, which is then connected to a central location.”

This way, if there were a multiple-car crash, Connected Vehicle Technology could warn drivers. The first truck would communicate to all the vehicles behind it that it had been in an accident, give the location, and tell the severity.

Panos tells, “It’s a radio frequency that moves from vehicle to vehicle. You could hear it in the second, third, fourth, fifth, or even 100th vehicle.”

The technology is currently being tested, with hopes of getting it up and going in about five years.

Connected Vehicle Technology is just scratching the surface of what Intelligent Driving Technology could do.

Wyoming is part of a pilot project, with two other states, funded by the US Department of Transportation, to deploy Connected Vehicle Technology in our freight industry.