How BYU snagged a Mountain West bowl game

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- If you're a Wyoming fan, Selection Sunday left you scratching your head. BYU? Really?

The team was selected to play Western Michigan in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - a game that was said to be reserved for one-of-five Mountain West teams.

Well, here's how it all went down.

In an interview with BYU Sports Nation, Kevin McDonald, the Executive Director of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, said it's unfortunate what happened with Wyoming.

McDonald continued, "BYU is in a situation where they're not in a conference and if you go back a few years, BYU used to rotate through other bowl games, contractually, to play in the poinsettia [bowl] and different places around the country. That doesn't exist anymore. Flexibility inside bowl selections is really important to a school like BYU," said McDonald.

BYU and Wyoming finished 6-6 overall this season.