Homeland Security to give telecoms advice on protecting 5G towers from conspiracy theorists

5G towers have been attacked in Western Europe, fueled by conspiracy theories that link COVID-19 and the towers. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - The Department of Homeland Security is getting ready to advise the telecom industry about actions that can be taken to prevent 5G cell towers from getting attacked.

This comes after numerous incidents in Western Europe that were ignited by fake claims that said the technology spreads a pathogen that causes the coronavirus.

5G is a technology that has very fast connections that can power items like self-driving cars and smart cities.

There have been some attacks on towers in the U.S., according to an industry official.

The misguided idea appears to have started after a doctor mused a connection between the tower and COVID-19.

Those comments were then picked up by those who campaign against the towers.

YouTube says it will take down all videos that bring up a connection between the towers and the virus.

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