Hitching Post Inn condemned in December 2018, what's the current status?

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Updated 4:40 pm on July 9, 2019 | We've been reaching out to the City of Cheyenne on this topic for several months and were not given any updates directly from the city. Late this afternoon the city reached out to try and find a time that would work for an interview with Mayor Orr. A proposal was listed to be put forward allowing the city to purchase the Hitching Post Inn on last night's city council agenda.

Original story posted on July 9, 2019 | Mayor Marian Orr announced the Hitching Post Inn's condemnation in December. A week later, Cheyenne Fire Rescue responded to a fire at the building. At the time, Mayor Orr said, "What happened is exactly what we are afraid of. We've got homeless people or other criminal activity going on. They went in. They started a fire. Certainly created a dangerous situation not only for themselves but also for our first responders."

Almost seven months after the announcement, Wyoming News Now has not been given any further updates on the current state of the building. Though, the city did say that they are working on providing the information now that the Fourth of July holiday has passed. We've been asking for information since February 2019.

We are going to continue updating this story as we receive more information.