Historic business adjusting to pandemic and cancellation of fairs and rodeos

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - "We were shutdown for probably a little over a month and out of the 101 years that we've been in business, I can't think of six days we were shutdown," said Louis Taubert. Louis and his family own Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters.

A pair of boots inside Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters.

Taubert said business is good right now, it's just not great. He said it's nearly impossible to make up for the business they lost while closed. Something that also hurt, was the cancellation of the College National Finals Rodeo.

"That's really like one week during Christmas time that comes in June, which is really beneficial for a retailer," said Taubert.

Taubert said they will have to lower their expectations for business for awhile but the inventory they currently have will help as business gets back to normal. Something that will also help are the services Taubert and his staff offer.

"Some places you go in and if you like it, think it fits, maybe you buy it. But that's not our forte, our forte is making sure it fits right. Whether it's a hat, we'll style it to where it looks good on you, we'll make sure that the boots fit properly. You can fit boots a lot of ways, but to fit a good pair of boots to a person gives you some satisfaction cause you know it's gonna be comfortable on their feet as long as you fit it right," said Taubert.

Taubert knows he has the community's support and just like the sign on their door says, "together we can ride this out." He said they have to continue to be cautious during the pandemic and this is a challenge his family is up for.