Historic Hynds Building funding update

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) A last minute scramble for money before a Cheyenne City Council budget meeting over a year ago resulted in a historic building downtown losing some of its dedicated funding. On July 8 a motion carried moving around the money that could have gone towards the Historic Hynds Building.

“I think it’s time that the public took the building over, the private owners haven’t been able to do anything with it,” said Councilman Pete Laybourn, Ward I. “I think there are some exciting opportunities available out there right now with blockchain technology and they want to come to this building and make this the blockchain headquarters and that is not as far out as it sounds.”

The $750,000 was repealed after a $650,000 miss in the budget that had to be rectified at the last minute. The $650,000 was needed for the minimum revenue guarantee in regards to air service. Councilman Laybourn said he plans to put together reports on the projects that have failed in the past involving the Hynds Building so that those mistakes are not made again in the future and to share those findings with the public.

City Council President Rocky Case explained that he has heard ideas for the building ranging from blockchain to law firms to adding a skywalk but those projects haven’t materialized. He hopes to see a developer come forward to help the Hynds Building and ‘The Hole’ next to it.

“To date we have yet to have a developer come and bring that forward and actually begin the work,” said Rocky Case, City Council Ward III. “I’m all for listening to these ideas, pulling them through, and finding an appropriate mechanism to get them done.”

The Historic Hynds Building was built in 1919 and for the past three or so decades has sat vacant.