High West Energy not moving forward with fiber project

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CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- High West Energy isn’t moving forward with a project in Laramie County that would have offered new broadband services.

The company gathered surveys and pre-enrollments from these areas. They also conducted a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of investing in fiber for internal and external purposes, including the risks and rewards.

As background, the company began hearing from members in 2014 about the lack of reasonably priced internet service. Since that time, they have conducted a rather extensive exploratory process. This included conducting a pilot project of some equipment in Pine Bluffs, preparing a business plan with different iterations and conducting due diligence on that business plan, starting last September.

In a release High West Energy says, “While there are underserved people in the tri-state region of high-speed internet service, we feel we can best serve our members and communities by focusing on providing safe, reliable and competitively priced electricity, wiring and IT services. While leadership may have had different opinions on the merits of offering high-speed internet during the due diligence phase, in the end, we all came together on this decision. HWE is committed to offering our existing services focusing on the needs of the membership.”

Customers were offered a special “pre-enrollment” offer. For $50 they could lock in a special rate for the new services being offered by High West Energy. Those customers will be offered a full refund since the project is no longer moving forward. The refund process will start this week and you will be getting a check in the mail for your pre-enrollment.

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