Health risk at the Evansville PD

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EVANSVILLE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Evansville police department has had to work in the basement for years and is now hoping to transition to their own building.

With all the rain and snow, the building has leaking problems causing mold to grow in the basement where the Evansville PD is located.

"When your in an enclosed space like that uh where mold is present and its damp and um its hard to get away from that and so your going to have some shortness of breath and some coughing and even some wheezing and for those that are already predisposed to uh breathing issues thats just going to make things worse." Said Dr. Andy Dunn.

Besides the mold, the building does not have a proper ventilation system.

"So everything that sits in that evidence room tends to you know the chemical and air rise so it affects the entire building not just our evidence room and our person who works in it." Said Cheif Mike Thompson of the Evansville PD.

When you have an evidence room full of drugs and paints and vandalized technology, it causes a harsh working environment.

"They all start mixing its like taking uh you know like bleach in a home and mixing some other chemical your not supposed to mix and then you have that acid you know that can just take your breath away. Its the same concept except its always there so whoever is putting evidence in and out of those lockers they are exposed to that and they are in there for quite a while."

Working in these conditions can cause lasting health issues.

"You can get something called chemical numonitous which is a very very bad irritation to your lungs and it may not be an aspiration numinitous or a bacterial virus monotonous but chemical insult that you inhale it can really really aggravate any kind of underlying lung disease but inflammatory disease from your lungs so you can get quite sick from this." Said Dr. Dunn.

The town of Evansville is figuring out how to better house their police department, and these talks will continue until a solution is reached.