Hands On Physical Therapy provide tips for remote workers to relieve pain

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Hands On Physical Therapy says they've had a number of people come in with pain in their back and neck from working remotely from home.

"We help people get back to moving, reduce their pain so they could get back to what they want to do and hopefully get back out there," Physical Therapist of Hands on Physical Therapy, Kiersten Steinkraus-Vinluan said.

Staff at hands on looks to improve people's ergonomics. Not only is staff available at their offices, but they can work via telehealth and are also doing home visits.

"If we change that working environment for them, the pain should drastically decrease."

Its advice to people to move desk items closer to them to help prevent any back straining while reaching for items. Hands On Physical Therapy also recommends that people keep their monitor at eye level and to always sit in a chair, opposed to a couch or bed which may cause neck or back pain. Staff mentioned the risk of pain will increase if one slouches over and looks down while having their laptop on a lower service.

"It's best to actually get up, go towards the kitchen table or a desk and sit in a real chair, and also put the computer on an actual desk rather than having it down on your lap."

Hands on wants people to know that they are staying open and their workshops will resume.