Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce working to bring commuter rail service to Cheyenne

View of Cheyenne, Wyoming from the top of the Plains Hotel in 2019.
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce said it has been working with the Colorado Rail Commission for the past two years. Dale Steenbergen, CEO/President of the Chamber, said they were connected with the rail commission two years ago after meeting with Amtrak in Washington D.C. He said, "In the grand scheme of transportation, I think we're moving forward quite rapidly, but we have a lot of hurdles and challenges ahead to make it a reality."

Steenbergen said the Colorado Rail Commission recently hired an employee who will be focusing on developing a plan to see a commuter line developed along the I-25 corridor in Colorado. Steenbergen said he thinks a realistic timeline for the project could be five to ten years.

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