Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Women's Leadership Award Luncheon

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce hosted the Women’s Leadership Award Luncheon. There were over thirty women who were nominated for this year’s award, but only five finalists.

The winner was Leigh Anne Grant Manlove, the Laramie County District Attorney Elect. After receiving the awards she said, “I was talking earlier with our superintendent of public instruction Jillian Balow and she congratulated me and I said oh thanks I’m really excited you know I take office on January 7th and she said...aren’t you a nominee? And I said, oh, yeah but I don’t think I belong on that list.”

When asked about what she has learned about business in Wyoming, Rhianna Brand said, “In any other state it’s very hard to just sit down and have a coffee, but here with our legislators will be more than willing to be open and listen.”

Most of the nominees agreed that all of the women nominated are winners because of their accomplishments, regardless of the outcome. Wendy Volk said, “I think that we should all be wearing the same tiara today on that stage. I’m just really proud of what they have brought to our community.”

The Finalists are below :
Rhianna Brand, Grace for 2 Brothers
Leigh Anne Grant Manlove, Laramie County District Attorney Elect
Rachel Girt, Girt Communications
Lorrell Walter, Western Vista Credit Union
Wendy Volk, #1 Properties