Governor Mark Gordon and the State Health Officer expressed the importance of wearing a face mask

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 7:45 PM CDT
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Governor Mark Gordon held a press conference abut COVID-19 on Wednesday afternoon. He talked about the statewide metrics and how Wyoming is stable in 5 out 6 of them, the one that they are concerned about is the new cases that have happened since last week. "That's one reason why I'm wearing this (a face mask) because its important that we try to keep this pandemic at bay, it's important for all of us

to make an consorted effort at the guidelines" said Governor Gordon.

Governor Gordon expressed how important it is to wear a mask when you come in close contact with someone and to keep maintaining 6 feet apart. "Wearing one is a sign of respect, if there's people that aren't sure if their gonna venture out of their home, come back into the restaurants, come back into the other places can feel more safe" Governor Gordon explained.

Wearing a face mask is a requirement that has been implemented around the country. "Face coverings aren't complicated and they aren't medical masks they can be any cloth item that covers your nose and mouth while still allowing you to breathe" said State Health Officer, Dr. Alexia Harrist.

Dr. Harrist said wearing a face mask is a simple step to help protect others especially those who are must vulnerable. "That's why we are starting a proactive testing program focused on Wyoming's long term care facilities this effort involves two primary approaches, first we are asking facilities without a current outbreak to collect samples of at least 20 percent of resident and staff every 2 weeks. Second facilities with staff or residents shown to be infected with COVID-19 will be asked to test all staff and residents and keep doing so weekly until we can be sure the potential of an ongoing outbreak has been eliminated" Dr. Harrist explained.

She said they will work with these assisted living facilities and nursing homes to set up a plan that works best for them.

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