Governor Gordon vetoes several areas in supplemental budget bill while highlighting its funding choices

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - Governor Mark Gordon complimented the Wyoming Legislature on providing a supplemental budget that sets a “deft” fiscal path. He recognized that the budget act shows constraint and means Wyoming will increase its savings this year.

“I believe Wyoming’s residents will benefit from your efforts on this supplemental budget. In saying so, I recognize supplemental budgets are not meant to make enormous strides, but rather to adjust spending within the context of a broader budget passed in 2018,” Governor Gordon wrote.

Specifically, the governor highlighted the funding of the carbon capture pilot project through the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources; additional tools to support local governments including dollars for planning by counties and a position to support locals as they apply for grants and navigate the complex technical requirements of these grants; more effective and efficient government and schools with money to recruit and retain better teachers and employees; an addition to the corpus of the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust which continues to demonstrate its value to Wyoming farmers, ranchers, energy companies, visitors, wildlife, towns and counties; a challenge account to draw in private dollars to the Wildlife Trust; and more resources available for controlling invasive and noxious weeds and predators.

The governor did use his authority on several line item vetoes, objecting to several provisions and especially examples of “legislating from within the budget.”

Governor Gordon also pointed to several areas that are potentially at odds with the Wyoming’s Constitution and need to be handled differently in the future. However, he did not veto these items.

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