Governor Candidates' Immediate Priorities

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - With primary election day just around the corner, gubernatorial candidates discuss what they plan to tackle first in office if elected.


"We need to pick up these efficiency studies that the legislature has commissioned and has performed," Republican candidate Sam Galeotos said. "And we need to take a close look at them to determine whether or not there are truly savings in those. And if so, how much? What needs to be done to take advantage of them?"

"I think fiscal responsibility, to lead by example," Republican candidate Bill Dahlin said. "I would work with legislation on the fiscal aspects of things."

"That budget has to be a priority because whatever new laws or statutes are being passed," Republican candidate Harriet Hageman said. "We're going to have to look at the fiscal impact of those. So we have to know what the budget is,we have to know how we're spending our money."

"The budget," Republican candidate Foster Friess said. "And specifically transparency where we can see, as citizens, how every single check was written by our state government to anybody or everybody much like the other 47 states are doing."

"I think we need to end the boom and bust cycle which has plagued Wyoming throughout its history," Democratic candidate Mary Throne said. "And we make ourselves a boom and bust state, and we don't have to be that way."

"I'm running for governor because of my passion for water, not marijuana," Democratic candidate Rex Wilde said. "Marijuana is the revenue. And I've seen what happened in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington, and it can happen here."

"Conduct a constitution class for certain elected officials and also open to the public and the legislature," Republican candidate Taylor Haynes said. "Chiefs of police, majors, county sheriff, who is the highest law enforcement officer in the county, the chairman of each county commission, committee chairs from the legislature and the management council."

"I'd like to organize essentially swat teams of our agencies." Republican candidate Mark Gordon said. "So people looking to build businesses here, people looking to expand mineral production, that they have unparalleled access. Really all the agencies come together to try to expedite the way these permits and businesses licenses get accomplished."

Polls will be open from 7 am to 7 pm on August 21 for the primary election.