Front runner Mary Throne wins Democratic Primaries

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 2:15 AM CDT
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Mary Throne was the only woman running on the democrat side for side for Governor of Wyoming. The Campbell County native raised her children in Cheyenne. In 2007 she ran for State Legislature and served the Wyoming House for ten years. She believes that Wyoming can be "more than a boom and bust state."

Throne's political agenda for the state consist of education, energy, and healthcare. Throne believes that overall our education system is good and that it attracts young families and we need to keep that going.

"We cannot cut from education. I have talked to many educators who re frightened by what could happen if we don't stand up for education."

Throne is also planning on making a difference in the energy sector of our economy. She wants to invest in renewables along with fighting against federal over reach.

"We have to continue to support those industries. It's just not fair to continue to expect them to pay for everything in the state of Wyoming."

Healthcare is always a hot topic in elections. Throne is pro Medicaid expansion and she says it can benefit a lot of people.

"That was the most ridiculous decision that I ever saw the legislator make. We need to expand Medicaid there is no reason not to, it gets health care to twenty thousand people."

As the numbers rolled in Tuesday night Throne was declared the winner. Supporter Jeran Artery says that Throne is a breath of fresh air.

" As a democrat sometimes I'm like, Mary you could be a little more left on that. She is pretty moderate and the state really needs that. What is lacking is a voice of reason to say hey lets take a step back and look at this and think it through. That's why I think Mary will be a breath of fresh air for this state. I think that's why we have elected democrats in the past its just the right thing to do for Wyoming."

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