Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. hosts "Cards Against Humanity" night

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- While the bar held tournaments for the adult card game "Cards Against Humanity" prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. was forced to close up shop due to state guidelines.

The tradition ran for years -- even crossing over from the previous owners -- and now that the bar can once again open its doors, customers have been flooding in ready for a laugh or two.

"As you can see, it's pretty full in there right now," says Muriah Kilmer, the taproom manager for the bar. "I think right now a lot of people are just excited to go out and do anything at this point."

As part of the game, bar staff hand out white cards to each competing group of customers with various words and phrases printed on them.

A black card is read aloud, and customers pick from the cards they've been given which one they believe would be most humorous if associated with the black card.

A selected judge will pick from the competing groups to determine who had the "funniest" card, and the respective group will in turn earn a point.

"We've got a few different card packs that we play from, and I just come in to walk everybody through the experience," Kilmer says. "And we all have a lot of laughs and a good time and a few drinks."

While it tends to vary, winning groups of competitors can earn rewards from the bar.

"We do give out prizes," says Kilmer. "I particularly like to partner with some of the other local downtown business merchants and give away coupons or gift certificates."

Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. will host future Cards Against Humanity competitions monthly.

For specific dates and times, visit the Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. Facebook page.