Foster grandparent program helps elementary kids

 Larry Keffer smiles while he helps Bar Nunn Elementary kids at lunch
Larry Keffer smiles while he helps Bar Nunn Elementary kids at lunch (KCWY)
Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 7:13 PM CST
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Larry Keffer claims over four hundred kids at Bar Nunn Elementary school as his own. Keffer has volunteered through the foster grandparent program for about ten years.

Keffer said he loves to see kids grow. “Throughout the year and how they behave and they do amazing things and you never know what they're going to tell you and it's just fascinating for me to watch,” Keffer said.

Keffer helps with classrooms as a whole and reads with kids one on one. “If we're doing a specific project or work trying to get them to focus and maintain their pace with the classroom, Keffer said.

He said he also helps at lunchtime. "I’m getting very good at opening ketchup and mustard,” Keffer said.

Angie Hayes, Bar Nunn Elementary principal, said Keffer is there for the kids. "Sometimes it has helped kids that struggle socially or emotionally and is there to support them through whatever they've got going on,” Hayes said.

She added that he is a grandparent figure for kids who don’t have any. “ For them to be here and build those relationships and be that grandma or grandpa for kiddo for somebody who may not lives in town. I think that is special for a lot of kids,” Hayes said.

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