Forum held for medical cannabis initiative

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Governor Gordon made cannabidiol or CBD products legal this year. Christine Stenquist wants to make medical cannabis legal in Wyoming. She held a forum in Casper on Nov. 2nd.

Christine Stenquist, the founder of Truce Utah, holds a forum in Casper

She said she started and passed an initiative in Utah that was undermined. Now she wants to make changes here.
“I felt like I should come to Wyoming to help patients up here because I know it is a very hard struggle,” Stenquist said. She adds that she knows this struggle on a personal level.

"I went through a really difficult time with my health and was reluctant to get into the hospital to have the opiate adjustment done. I wanted to come off of all of those pharmaceuticals,” she said.
She adds, “That was my first time that I thought about using cannabis for my condition."

Stenquist says she met with some legislators about medical cannabis and wants others to talk to them too.

“I'm looking to find a bill we can pass through the legislative process. I am encouraging those who are wanting to do the imitative if that's something they feel strongly about doing,” Stenquist said.

People at this forum said they aren't advocating for themselves anymore. They want future generations to have another option for medicine besides opioids.
They said using medical cannabis helped them have a life again.

"I work 48 hours a week. I actually have a life where I spent almost 10 years not having a life. I was literally either in bed or getting sick because of the opioids or from the pressure from my back,” said Scott Sidman, Deputy Director of Norml.

Stenquist said people felt relived learning about this up and coming initiative. She hopes to get a bill passed in 2021.