For first time in years, Casper Police is hosting a police academy locally

A binder in the classroom of Casper Police's 2020 Academy Wednesday morning.
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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - It starts with some early morning personal training.

"It's absolutely paramount, especially in law enforcement. When you talk about longevity in the career of law enforcement, you know physical fitness is key," said Casper Police Officer, Alyssa Baedke.

After PT, the recruits go to the classroom, Wednesday they learned about Peace Officer Standards and Training.

"This is the foundation of all police training, this is where it all begins, this is where people learn all of the basic skills, everything they're gonna need to have and then they have to understand that it's an ongoing training cycle throughout the rest of their career," said Wyoming P.O.S.T. Commission Executive Director, Chris Walsh.

While at Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, there are recruits from all across the state. Casper Police's academy has eight recruits, five for Casper Police and three for Evansville Police. Casper Police hosting its academy locally gives recruits the chance to learn in the environment they will soon be working in.

"Typically we have about five weeks of training once we get our officers back from the academy in Douglas. So during those five weeks, we're training them up on the more specific things that we do here in the Casper area and so all that is incorporated into the this training," said Casper Police Sgt. Steve Nunn.

Nunn said Natrona County law enforcement entities work close together, so having the Evansville recruits only strengthens those bonds.

For one recruit, she found an interest in law enforcement through classes she took in college. She said there were a lot of uncertainties the past few months but she is excited to get started.

"Through those classes I learned that the enforcement of the law is probably the side of the law that's more interesting to me personally. So being able to take the law and apply that to situations in real life is why I'm here," said Casper Police recruit, Andrea Schulz.

Schulz said with everything going on with law enforcement right now, she thinks going through the academy will only make them better police officers for the future.

The academy began this week and will run through the fall.