Florida pups need new homes

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 10:23 PM CDT
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A Wyoming animal sanctuary is coming to the rescue. This after Hurricane Dorian left a group of dogs without homes.

The cowboy state sanctuary is providing relief and support to an animal shelter in Florida.

Two Men, one mission with a passion for saying animals and giving the rehabilitation needed to continue life.

New Mexico Crusader a.k.a Wolf Daddy... Leyton J. Cougar

partnered with Wyoming's Kindness Ranch Animal Rescue. Aiding 18 dogs and 2 bunnies.

Our furry friends were deemed on death row and needed help.

Cougar and John Ramer of Kindness Ranch transported the furry cargo 2100 miles to Hartville, Wyoming, Monday morning.

With the recent reports ranking Cheyenne Wyo. #5 top cities with heart worm disease in the nation. All the dogs were tested for the alarming disease. 2 dogs were quarantined upon arriving to the shelter.

"We're passionate.... Passionate about saving lives. I think my brain is connected to canines, and I can't stand to know that they are suffering, said Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary's Leyton J. Cougar.

The job is never done for Wolf Daddy as he is on the road again to go save two endangered wolves in California.